Peace be with you

I don’t—can’t—stomach the idea of entropy; that dismal cosmic shrug indicating everything is tumbling into disorder. I must—if only for my daughters—believe there is ebb and flow. I must believe in awakening—that just as pain is a megaphone to rouse the deaf soul, all of this war and strife and catastrophe will wake up humanity.


Awake, o sleeper!


We are in a dark period—this is a downswing. There will be—there needs to be—God in your mercy make it so!—an equal and opposite upswing.


There will be a rousing, a response.


It will be from women.


A feminine kindling. Women waking up and bringing our unique and critical qualities to our species and our planet. They both so desperately need to

be mothered.

They need fears soothed, wounds tended, compromises reached, and compassion extended. They need us to communicate. They need our distinctive ability to look beyond behavior and see pain. The intuition that allows us to see vulnerability behind bravado. They need us to bypass the powerful, lift the overlooked and sing, “I see you. I name you. You matter.” They need our ability to host and sustain life itself in the midst of so much destruction. 


I have read that fires are essential to a healthy forest ecology. That a total burning, annihilation is actually nourishing—it promotes stronger growth. 


May it be so in 2018.


May the awakening of women be the shoots of green across the ash of this past year, as we join hands around the pyre and vow, “Upward.” May we grow stronger and smarter together. May our growth be host to other life too. May safety, haven and nourishment be found under the canopy we create together. 


That in this act of creation, of Naming and standing up, we would glorify with one mighty song the Spirit who first called us. 


Yes and Amen.


Mariko Clark