Peace be with you

I used to think that love meant something wild and fiery


I used to think it had to be burning or painful, full of anguish and trial


But eventually, you realize that the burning, fiery, flaming love isn't always the truest love


You learn, hopefully, one day, that romance and partnership still require that flame or a level of it—I suppose


But then you yearn for something new, something different—something that lasts


The type of love you only hear about from the rare few who you know have experienced it firsthand


It's like a family member you never knew you needed, the song you tried to write that someone else finished


Everything aligns and you realize that you were always meant to get here. That you were always meant to find this person.


That all the hard things you've been through, all the heartbreak, all the fiery, burning breakdowns of what you thought love was, brought you to this


Something you didn't even know existed. Something you weren't sure you'd ever get to experience


And it's so much more than you could have ever asked for. And it's everything all at once.


Wait for that kind of love. And please be wary about the flames. Flames are too hot, and are meant to burn out.


The real stuff, the good stuff, is a deeper connection than you can ever even imagine. And it means so much more. I promise.

I Used To Think That Love Meant Something Wild and Fiery

Rachael Lunghi