Peace be with you

Our Daughters’ Daughters cultivates conversation by providing a space

for women to share and

read honest stories.

Our Daughters’ Daughters is a community of women in conversation. The stories you’ll find here run the gamut from building a family to self acceptance, from miscarriage to mental illness, from loss to discovering home. While we’re at it, let’s talk about our bodies. Let’s talk about break-ups and breakthroughs. Let’s speak up and out, and find a moment of rest together. Then let’s get back out there and keep fighting.


May you encounter the image of God in the women you meet here, wild and surprising. May you hear those two comforting words: Me, too. May the honesty of others make you brave even on your worst days, and may their stories remind you that you are beautiful and beloved—dirty hair, dirty mouth, and all. Read our story HERE.